Leading a Read Across America Day at your School Site

Read Across America Day, also called Dr. Seuss Day, is a national holiday created to get kids excited about reading. It was established by The National Education Association in 1998 and is celebrated every year on Dr. Seuss’ birthday, March 2nd. Schools around the world put together elaborate celebrations to spread the joy of reading to children.

Leading Read Across AmericaHow to Lead a Read Across America Day Celebration

Hosting a successful school wide event requires thorough planning. The four-part system listed below will help you deliver an unforgettable experience for staff and students.

  1. Set the Intention- Explain the importance of the event by providing an example of your expectations
    • Choose a mentor text
    • Pull out a key focus
    • Model best practices for reading
  2. Provide the Road Map– Share expectations for what teachers are to do
    • Give teams time to plan (choose a book, pull out key focus, align daily activities)
    • Carry the book theme throughout all content taught during the day
    • Create interactive bulletin board displays to showcase learning
  3. Jump In
    • Hop into classes and model strong reading habits
    • Participate in special reading activities with all grade levels
  4. Celebrate the Learning

Ways to Celebrate Read Across America Day

The following list of ideas can be implemented at your school site to foster a love of reading and expose students to a variety of books:

Book Suggestions for Read Across America Day

There are lots of great books to showcase during the reading event. Coordinating chosen texts across grade levels will ensure students are exposed to a variety of books. Reorganizing your literacy block for efficiency and effectiveness can make this a smooth event.

A few text suggestions are listed below:

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Go Be Great!

How did you lead teachers through Read Across America Day?

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