Empowering Educators to Reach their Potential

Keynote speaking is one way I can serve and support educators around the nation. My messages are empowering, practical, and based on my work in the trenches as a teacher and teacher leader.

I Believe…

  • Every educator can transform into greatness
  • An open mind allows for talent to cultivate
  • It is never too late to achieve your potential
  • Personalized coaching is the vehicle to long lasting change
  • Learning allows potential to come to fruition


Keynote Topics:

Leaving a Legacy of Leadership

Develop a culture of coaching and growth by learning about legacy moves that pack a punch. This will help you use your talents and operate at full potential to serve others without fear holding you back. This sets the groundwork and pathway for our own legacy to come to fruition ensuring we shine bright. This energetic and inspiring message is a fan favorite of educators and leaders!

Teacher Leadership: How to Know One & Grow One:

Oftentimes, teacher leaders are looked at as people who fix things (or other people). When we subscribe to this philosophy, we leave empty handed. Forcing others to grow and develop doesn't work. But INFLUENCING people to become a stronger version of themselves does. This presentation shares my own experience of what works and doesn't work in equipping teachers to surpass potential as well as tips you can implement immediately in your schools to cultivate a culture of I CAN and WE WILL. Come learn how to recognize and leverage leadership in your building while growing the potential inside every educator.

Teacher Essentials for Classroom & Career Success

Whether you are a new or veteran teacher, mastering the foundations of instruction ensure the success of both students and teachers in the classroom. In this keynote, you'll learn about the Teacher Success Pathway to help you prioritize skill mastery for optimal performance. Although the bells and whistles of technology or the latest initiatives are tempting, if we do not do the simple things well in a very specific sequence, we limit our potential. High performing teachers produce high performing students. We can make this a reality in every school if we strengthen the teacher essentials brick by brick. This is an inspiring, relatable, informative talk.

3 Ways to Choose You, Your Life & The Legacy that you Leave

The message of "Be the champion of your life and career" hits home through personal and professional examples of overcoming hardship, strategic alignment, building confidence and clarity, and remaining flexible.

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What Others Are Saying:

  • So many great ideas and love the roadmap to build a leadership legacy - Thank you Gretchen!!
  • Loved this! I'm starting my 33rd year in education, and I needed this motivation.  Thank you!
  • This was so inspiring. I took so many notes and pics of my screen!  AMAZING! So excited to start my Legacy, thanks Gretchen!
  • Great sessions and resources to develop your game plan to empower our teacher leaders- no sitting ducks in our pond!!!
  • Thank you for a great keynote! Transformative coaching is helping teachers become a bigger, better version of themselves vs. becoming ME.
  • Fantastic!!! Thanks so much. You are awesome!!!

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