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Hi, I'm Gretchen. 


from peer mentors and cooperating teachers leading in their classrooms to instructional coaches leading in their school building.

There is ALWAYS A LESSON to be learned!

Gain Clarity.            Gain Confidence.            Gain Support.

I believe great educators will remain in the profession if they are supported and guided towards excellence.


Read each post to get the “inside scoop” on what is currently happening in our city’s classrooms.


Listen in for tips and tricks on becoming your best in your educational role to best help students.


Receive individualized mentorship and coaching to increase effectiveness in your educational role.


Access instructional webinars and printable resources to upgrade your effectiveness as an educator.


Access instructional
products for your classroom or PD needs and dress the part with empowering swag!

Educators lack ongoing support as they gain years of experience. This leads to burn out and a potential exit out of the profession. Get the support you deserve and a community to lean on. You'll gain clarity on how to improve and excel in your role so you can love what you do again. Growth doesn't happen on your own. Let's do this together!

What am I here to do for you?

As a teacher, teacher leader and now teacher trainer, there are many lessons I have learned about what makes teachers effective. Through the content I share on my website, I empower you to reach your potential. Click to listen --->

"I am an educator of a decade, passionate about cultivating talent in aspiring and new teachers through practical tips and strategies. My blog, book, and podcast are geared towards empowering teachers to enter the profession and stay there due to the advice and encouragement I provide. We have a real need in our nation for strong leaders in classrooms, and I believe its my calling and duty to coach teachers to achieve and maintain best teaching practices in order to drive the growth and success of our students in and outside the classroom."


Not sure where you should start?

If you know you have room to grow as a teacher leader, but aren't sure the actions to take, let's hop on a call. Not only will you gain clarity and confidence, but you will instantly become more effective in supporting those you lead!

Or Choose an Option Below:

Teachers Who Lead Courses

Gain research-based techniques and tools to boost teacher performance and proficiency

Teacher Leader Mastermind

Gain leadership strategies, community support and personalized feedback.

1:1 Coaching for Educators

Enjoy the VIP experience with individualized guidance and support from an experienced coach

Latest Podcast Episodes

230: Bonus Episode- Interview with Lori Poole

By Gretchen Schultek Bridgers | Jan 11, 2021

As a former educator and literacy coach in Title 1 schools for over 20 years,  Lori has a passion for growing both students and teachers. She currently serves as a district literacy specialist, college instructor, and staff developer. She also is the proud mother of two struggling readers. While her children are almost grown now,…

229: The Future of Mentorship

By Gretchen Schultek Bridgers | Dec 17, 2020

We have lost so many great teachers in our profession and we are losing more each day. Teacher mentorship can help us save more of our elite educators but we have to get a better support system first. Mentorship in education has  stigma of underperformance. We have to change our programs so that our structure…

Latest Blog Posts

100 Days of Learning & Leading

By Gretchen Schultek Bridgers | Jan 18, 2021

The 100 days of school milestone has arrived! This means there have been at least 100 opportunities to make an impact in and around our schools. As a teacher, the impact focus is on student performance. As a leader, the impact focus is on teacher performance. A large predictor of whether performance will increase relates…

How to Become an Effective Team Member

By Gretchen Schultek Bridgers | Jan 4, 2021

Becoming an effective team member is the greatest way to increase teacher proficiency and student achievement. By working on our ourselves, we uplift the value of the entire group. This then increases the impact we all have on students in the classroom. Requiring educators to work together effectively ensures the level of instruction occurring across…

Tips to Become a Stellar Teacher

By Gretchen Schultek Bridgers | Dec 30, 2020

Are you going to become a teacher? Maybe you had a student teaching experience or have started your very first year in your own classroom. Either way, the tips shared in this blog post will empower you to stellar teaching status in no time! But first, let me give you some general wisdom: Teaching is…

Creating a Successful Reflection Habit with Virtual Instruction

By Gretchen Schultek Bridgers | Dec 21, 2020

Developing a successful reflection habit is essential to success in the classroom. Virtual instruction became the norm overnight with little instruction or support. With almost an entire calendar year implementing some type of virtual instruction under educators’ belt, reflecting now can be powerful for a fresh, successful year ahead. The tips outlined in this blog…