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Latest Podcast Episodes

314: Incorporating Student Voice

By Gretchen Schultek Bridgers | Apr 1, 2024 |

Join us for a transformative episode as Gretchen delves into the strategies for leveraging student engagement through the incorporation of student voice. Discover practical tips and simple techniques that can be implemented right away to enhance classroom dynamics and empower your students.In this episode, Gretchen shares a compelling story that underscores the importance of student…

313: Differentiation & Personalization

By Gretchen Schultek Bridgers | Mar 18, 2024 |

Join us for an insightful discussion with Gretchen as she delves into the secrets of differentiating and personalizing learning to maximize student engagement. Discover how to streamline your teaching approach by eliminating time-wasting techniques and focusing on strategies that truly resonate with learners. In this episode, Gretchen unveils the concept of “Swiss Cheese Understanding” and…

Latest Blog Posts

Teacher Essentials for Classroom & Career Success

By Gretchen Schultek Bridgers | Apr 8, 2024 |

There are four essential aspects of instruction that have the greatest impact on student learning- lesson design, classroom management, student engagement as well as student ownership and accountability. This post explores the teacher essentials for classroom and career success. The Discovery Throughout my years as a classroom teacher, I helped numerous students become successful learners…

Resources to Support your Leadership Growth

By Gretchen Schultek Bridgers | Mar 25, 2024 |

Growing as a leader not only requires mindset and vision work, but also tangible resources to help you put principles into action. This post will outline helpful resources to support your growth as a leader, not just telling you what to learn but why it’s essential to your success. Learn Before you know exactly what…

Tips for Coaching Resistant Teachers

By Gretchen Schultek Bridgers | Mar 11, 2024 |

Coaching resistant teachers comes with its obstacles. Not only do you have to figure out what the resistance is, but you have to work to remove the barriers all before you can even begin a productive coaching partnership. This post will outline common reasons teachers feel resistant to working with a coach, ways to overcome…

5 Things to Avoid when Collecting Student Data

By Gretchen Schultek Bridgers | Feb 26, 2024 |

Collecting student data is considered a best instructional practice in today’s schools. It allows teachers to know exactly how well students know and understand the material being taught to them. However, data collection processes can be confusing to implement which could result in inaccurate student data. This post will explore 5 things to avoid when…