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"I am an educator of a decade, passionate about cultivating talent in aspiring and new teachers through practical tips and strategies. My blog, book, and podcast are geared towards empowering teachers to enter the profession and stay there due to the advice and encouragement I provide. We have a real need in our nation for strong leaders in classrooms, and I believe its my calling and duty to coach teachers to achieve and maintain best teaching practices in order to drive the growth and success of our students in and outside the classroom."


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191: Making an Impact Day One


There is no question whether or not teachers want to make an impact in their classrooms. But oftentimes there are two factors that come into play that could make or break that very first day of school for both teachers and students. Tune in to hear what those are and how to prepare so that…

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190: Bonus Edition- Interview with Jahkari “JT” Taylor


Jahkari “JT” Taylor was born to be a Purpose Pusher.  His life’s work demonstrates his passion for cultivating, motivating, and inspiring people from all walks of life. Yet, JT’s life story may not fit the mold of an ideal Purpose Pusher.  When he was just a child he went from living in a 1987 Ford…

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10 Tips for Moving into a Coaching Role as a Teacher


Moving into a coaching role as a teacher can be daunting for anyone. You spent years in the classroom perfecting your craft and all of a sudden you are in a new role and feel like a first year teacher all over again. But, you don’t have to. This post serves as a guide for…

A Day in the Life of an Instructional Coach


What does a day in the life of an instructional coach look like? This is one post of many in the Instructional Coach Blog Series. Catch up on the series below: Preparing the behind-the-scenes tasks of an instructional coach How to set up your instructional coaching space Conducting a classroom observation with clarity and precision Providing models of expert teaching through…

Classroom Management: How to Plan & Prepare a System


Having a strong classroom management plan ensures learning can remain front and center in your classroom. But, how do you get there? This post will help you plan and implement a classroom management system from start to finish. How to Prepare a Classroom Management System First, you need to decide what type of classroom environment…

How to Set Up Your Instructional Coaching Space


Just like a teacher sets up a classroom, an instructional coach needs to set up their coaching space. The process is very similar in terms of what you must consider about those you lead, whether it be students or teachers. Not every coaching space is identical in size and shape. Most commonly, instructional coaches utilize…