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Posts by Gretchen Schultek Bridgers

How to Set Boundaries as a Teacher Leader

One of the hardest obstacles to overcome as a teacher leader is to set boundaries. It’s uncomfortable and often frowned upon. However, it is the most powerful leadership tool one can employ. It’s no secret that the role of teacher leadership is ever evolving, and sometimes not quite articulated or planned out. This leads to…

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The Importance of Virtual Connections with Parents

Virtual connections are becoming more important by the day as schools are forced to move to distance learning models. Traditional in-person parent communication methods (conferences, open houses, school events etc.) are no longer at an educator’s disposal due to COVID-19 precautions. This doesn’t mean parent communication halts; rather, it’s time to reinvent the way parent…

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Virtual Classroom Management

Virtual classroom management is becoming the new teacher superpower as schools pivot to online learning environments. Luckily, the skills teachers use to manage a classroom in-person can easily translate to virtual instruction. However, there are a few additional skills to acquire that specifically will apply to successfully managing a virtual classroom. Both aspects will be…

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Tips for Nailing an Interview in Education

Going for an interview in education is an exciting endeavor! It can also bring up some anxiety as you wonder what to expect from the experience. As someone who has completed an interview in education for countless teachers and administrators in various districts, I can tell you that there are certain trends that appear in…

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Leading a PLC Data Chat

A data chat with a professional learning community can be a powerful tool to increase teacher proficiency and student achievement. Having a process in place to lead a productive and successful discussion is imperative to achieving the change you desire.   Get Ready for a Data Chat Before diving into a data chat, there are…

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New Teacher Gift Ideas

If you have a student teacher or a new teaching colleague joining the staff, you might be wondering about new teacher gift ideas. This post will give you plenty of options for how to support a new teacher while showing appreciation and encouragement for their new journey into the educational profession. New Teacher Gift Ideas…

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