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“Gretchen works with a sense of urgency in the field of education. She relentlessly pursues how to develop as an educator and coach to other teachers, and she is passionate about ensuring that new teachers are fully prepared to enter the classroom and increase student achievement!” 

– Stacy Perzinski, Training and Instructional Manager


makes a very authentic personal connection with colleagues and students which is critical to success as a teacher… strives to stay on the cutting edge of the best practices in education in order to be most effective in reaching young learners via reading and other methods of study and research.”

– Andrae Butts, Veteran Classroom Teacher


“I just trust  and  give really good, specific and practical advice that I can appreciate.  Plus, I just want to improve my skill in helping develop teachers.”

Courtney Armstrong,  Teacher Development Coach 


“, you are direct with feedback, but set a clear path on how to make  work better. Having you as a coach, I always understood why you were focusing on certain areas of my teaching. You always told me why.”

Katie Helms, First Year 


“I think  a wonderful team leader.  have helped me grow and become more professional. I honestly don’t know if I would have stuck it out some days but  made me tough.  a great educator and leader.  I am very thankful for ! 

 – Christa Henrickson, Beginning Teacher


” dialogical. I felt that wanted to hear my feelings and thoughts but gave advice when called for.”

– Melissa Morrison, Teacher Coach