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Thrifty Thursday- 8th Edition


Thrifty Thursday

Each week I bring to you helpful tips to become a more effective educator on the Always A Lesson fan page on Facebook. (Give it a quick like by clicking here!) I decided to start grouping my social media posts into a blog post incase you might have missed anything.

Time to get caught up:

  1. Toilet paper rolls make for great microphones for students to present their final drafts of written work to the class
  2. Use cardboard boxes cut into basic shapes + velcro = homemade puzzles to review content!
  3. No time or money to laminate or buy page protectors? Stick worksheets in a ziplock bag and use a whiteboard marker!
  4. Moving boxes make great “reading caves!”
  5. Build up your classroom library by partnering with another teacher- swap books weekly/monthly
  6. Pool noodles make for great geometry lessons, flexible seating options, and center manipulatives
  7. Place student desk name tags on the front of the desks facing outwards so students don’t mess them up while working
  8. Post on social media asking neighbors and friends for item donations they are already parting with to cozy up your class
  9. Umbrellas make great personal reading shacks in or out of the classroom
  10. Recycle old and damaged books by turning the pages into bookmarks

(*note: these posts are sent out via BUFFER so they follow Twitter’s rules for word count and I had to get creative!)

Stay tuned for the next edition coming out in a few weeks!

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About the author, Gretchen

I am an educator, passionate about cultivating talent in aspiring and new teachers through practical tips and strategies. My blog, book, and podcast are geared towards empowering teachers to enter the profession and stay there due to the advice and encouragement I provide. We have a real need in our nation for strong leaders in classrooms, and I believe its my calling and duty to coach teachers to achieve and maintain best teaching practices in order to drive the growth and success of our students in and outside the classroom.