Organizing a Successful Assembly at your School

An assembly at a school is a great way to bring an entire student body and staff together. It is a time to celebrate and learn in an engaging way. Often times, assemblies can be chaotic and disorganized. This limits the impact the learning opportunity during the assembly could have on all participants. Therefore, it’s essential to put on a well organized assembly for your school.

Organizing a Successful Assembly at your SchoolBelow are 7 tips to organize a successful assembly along with questions to prompt your design of the event:


  • Decide your goal of the event– How does this tie to curriculum being taught in classrooms? How does it align to school or district initiatives? What do we want participants to be able to know or do by the end of the assembly?
  • Research guest speakers – Who might be able to deliver insightful information? Will they share a unique experience or perspective to the audience? Are they affordable?
  • Set the expectation– How will students and staff learn about the upcoming assembly? How can we excite them to come learn and engage with each other?


  • Set assembly norms– How can we set clear expectations for behavior during assemblies? How will we communicate these expectations prior to the event? How can we move beyond compliance and increase internal motivation to adhere to norms?
  • Hold everyone accountable– What happens when students or staff do not meet expectations during the assembly? Who is in charge of imposing consequences if expectations aren’t met?


  • Make clear connections– How will participants connect the assembly to school or district initiatives or curriculum topics? How will participants draw conclusions about how the assembly applies to their life?
  • Share next steps– What can staff and students do to apply their learning? Who will follow up to ensure next steps are completed?

An assembly at school can be a fun, culture builder if planned thoroughly. Follow the tips above to ensure it is a successful event. You can also continue your learning with the options below.

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What tips can you share about organizing a successful assembly at your school?

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