Bouncy Bands- Product Review


I was approached by Scott Ertl, creator of Bouncy Bands. My good friend Dana over at Third Grade Gridiron (as mentioned in the image above) referred him to me, and I’m so glad she did!

Bouncy bands are geared towards students who are fidgety and need motion to focus. It attaches to the two front desk legs so as to make a bouncy bar for students to kick or bounce on as they work.

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 “Students can release energy while they read and write. Their feet can play while their hand work! Bouncy Bands recycle used bicycle inner tubes. They don’t make any noise. Students of all ages enjoy being able to move while working” (Bouncy Bands, 2014).

Scott was kind enough to send me a free set of Bouncy bands. I had one student in mind that I thought it was perfect for, but I realized that it was his mind that wondered not his body. So, I began to think of my class to determine who else might benefit from movement that helps concentration. Then I began to think about a student who was diagnosed with ADHD. I originally did not think of her because Bouncy Bands are great for kids who are not yet diagnosed and can be soothed through environment techniques rather than use medication. Even though she is medicated, she is still very mobile with repetitive movements, especially her legs and feet. The resistance of the band is enough stimulation to keep her muscles active so that her mind can focus on her work. It’s amazing how much more productive she is after utilizing the bands!

This student now works silently and independently during class time. I used to have to constantly say her name or redirect her attention, but the band is stimulating enough to keep her engaged for longer periods of time. Plus, the band absorbs the motion thus no sound! She is able to move and kick as hard as needed without disrupting others. What a great intervention to increase a student’s academic achievement!

Some concerns you might have are:

1. How do I introduce the new item to the class without it become a big deal?

I introduced the band to this child as my other students were exiting the classroom for recess. I showed her how it worked and she was excited to try it.

2. How do I keep the Bouncy Band purpose to myself so as not to embarrass the student when other students ask questions?

Not many students noticed the addition of the band to her desk. One student eventually stumbled upon it and happened to ask what it was and I simply said it helped her learn. There were no questions asked after that point. In fact, many students would prefer to have it so no worries about singling a child out. In my opinion, it saves students from their own destructive behavior and they want that more than anything!

3. Will it distract students who are sitting next to the student using the Bouncy Band?

As mentioned above, it is silent. I also play calming music during independent work time so it certainly is not heard.

4. How is my student supposed to use it?

That is the great part! There is no “one way” to use Bouncy Bands. Let the child decide how they like to use it. My student kicks it as she is thinking through math problems but then rests her feet on it and gently bounces during writing time. Allow your child to discover it on their own and they most likely will use it however they feel is best.

(Have additional questions? Visit the Q & A section of the Bouncy Bands website!)

As you’re reading this, are you thinking of your child or a particular student? If so, I highly recommend this product to you or someone you know. You won’t regret the positive change you will see in terms of the students’ productivity and relaxation!


 Have you used this product before? Leave your feedback below! 

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