Advice for New Teachers

Thanks to Stephanie at Teaching in Room 6 (click pic above for website) for her super helpful linky!

1. Lesson Plans- remember they are a guide. Do not feel like you have to follow them to a “T.” In fact, if you’re constantly staring at them as you teach, you are losing the kids. If you skip something or miss something on accident, the kids don’t know. Just roll with it.

2. Find your Voice- enjoy each moment and be a risk taker. You will become a great teacher over time. Work on commanding the room and showing your personality. The rest will come!

3. Small Groups- this is the latest trend in education, but start slow. Try pulling one small group while the rest of the students do something silent at their desk. When you can handle that, have the students at their desk work together and practice managing two working groups. When you’re ready, slowly add more groups until you’re at a comfortable rhythm.

4. Model, Model, Model- kids do not know, unless you show them. If you are to have high expectations, demonstrate what that looks like. Then have the students practice so they know how it should feel. Spend the first few weeks of school constantly going over procedures and expectations so that the rest of the year can be spent teaching content.

5. Have Fun 🙂 The first year is a whirlwind and you will want to remember your very first class. It’s okay to have butterflies, embrace them and work through it. Take lots of pics to remember those moments!

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