The Importance of the Sunshine Committee at your School

A sunshine committee is composed of staff members who focus on improving the culture, morale, and well being of teachers. Sunshine reminds us of happiness and in turn this committee creates events and opportunities to make teachers smile and feel happy. As a result, relationships are built among staff members leading to a more fulfilling work environment for all.

The Importance of the Sunshine Committee at your SchoolHow Does a Sunshine Committee Work?

Whether it’s simple or elaborate, the sunshine committee comes together to brainstorm and plan opportunities for the entire year. They receive a budget from the administrative team (or collect donations from the local community). Common celebrations are birthdays, personal or professional milestones, sympathy/condolences and more!

The best part of the sunshine committee is the element of surprise. When teachers least expect it, shower them with appreciation and a small treat. This can be placed in their workroom mailbox or stop by their classroom throughout the day. (Having a teacher’s favorite things form like this one on hand will help you select the perfect treat to make their day!)

If you prefer to have an announced sunshine day, try using a cart. Share the upcoming day with teachers to be spoiled with a treat. They will fill out a form like this one to request specific items, and deliver treats to teachers on a rolling cart as you pass their classroom.

Below are recommendations for items to include in your sunshine cart.

Recommendations for Sunshine Cart Items

Teacher Stickers:



Thank You Stickers (These could go great on a note with an item they selected on their survey.):



Pencil Gift Basket (Pair this with a note and fill with candy selected on the survey form.):

Sticky Notes:

Teacher Pens:


Thank you for spreading cheer around the school building and acknowledging the hard work teachers do each and every day! Also check out Teacher Appreciation Notes and VIP Teacher Awards to spread some cheer around your building!

Go Be Great!




What has been your favorite way to be spoiled by the Sunshine Committee?

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