Resources to Support your Leadership Growth

Growing as a leader not only requires mindset and vision work, but also tangible resources to help you put principles into action. This post will outline helpful resources to support your growth as a leader, not just telling you what to learn but why it’s essential to your success.


resources to support your leadership growthBefore you know exactly what type of leadership position you want to hold and what type of leader you want to become, learning as much about leadership as possible will guide your steps forward.

  • Instructional Best Practices– Familiarize yourself with the idea of peer collaboration and modeling through learning walks, increasing student ownership in the classroom, asking higher order thinking questions throughout a lesson, provide authentic feedback with actionable steps to teachers, how to effectively manage a classroom as well as design and deliver engaging PD opportunities that can mirror engaging instruction in the classroom. If you are going to help teachers adhere to best practices, you need to know develop clarity on what the techniques are and how to implement them in the classroom.
  • Teacher Leader Interview Preparation– Review common interview questions, interview tips, and plan ideal responses. As a leader you will sit in on various interviews, so it is essential you are familiar with the strategy for hiring new and veteran teachers as well as teacher leaders like yourself.
  • Instructional Coaching Scenario Practice– Leading peers can be challenging. Learning about common obstacles in coaching teachers and ways to move through them effortlessly will allow you to remain focused and confident in your role as a leader.
  • Influence Growth– Learn quick tips for how to empower colleagues to grow and reach their goals. If you cannot build connection and understand their struggles, it doesn’t matter how many great strategies you have up your sleeve to promote their growth. Spend time knowing your people before diving into the work.


Now that you have learned about leadership, it’s time for action! Growth, even for you, is a process. Don’t expect perfection, rather allow yourself room to make mistakes so you can grow quickly.

  • Data Collection & Analysis– Create processes for teachers to design seamless, practical data collection procedures in their classrooms as well as facilitate data analysis meetings to adjust future classroom instruction. Once teachers have a system in place, they can pass ownership to students and allow them to set goals and track their own academic progress. When we prioritize responsive instruction, we are able to catch misconceptions early leading to increases in student achievement.
  • Teacher Observation– Getting into classrooms often will ensure you are providing timely support to the changing needs of teachers. Whether these visits are formal or informal, brief or extensive, building relationship with students and teachers is essential for learning growth. Having a predictable process for pre-observation, observation and post observation allows teachers to experience success time and time again. Each piece of the observation cycle is integral to planning and delivering quality instruction on a consistent basis.
  • Mentorship & Coaching– Whether you are helping teaching partnerships thrive like those of a cooperating teacher and student teacher, or enhancing collaboration between colleagues in a mentorship pair, or delivering support to teachers as an instructional coach, having systems and areas of focus will ensure the leadership strategy is effective in producing growth. (Grab all the resources I created and use as an instructional coach here.)
  • Professional Development– A big part of your role as a teacher leader is helping others grow through targeted learning sessions. You will need to have a vision for the year in terms of what areas teachers need to grow in. Create a yearly PD calendar, require teachers to track their learning sessions, provide choice in how teachers learn the material, and collect feedback to make adjustments for future PD sessions. Preparation for year-long learning ensures these PD sessions are aligned to a bigger goal and are productive and informative.

Now you have an arsenal of support to continue your growth as a leader. Take your time consuming the information and putting it into action. Sometimes, simple is best.

If you are need of more resources to help you become an even stronger coach, browse these printable and digital options. Check out my instructional coaching must-haves here.





Which resource are you most excited to try out?

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