Launching… New Teacher Academy!

Did I ever tell you that I was not prepared to teach my first year?

I spent four years becoming a teacher and I was still NOT ready.


All of my educational courses were based in theory instead of practical application. I understood the law, trends and influential minds behind our educational system. This information was interesting and eye-opening, but it didn’t translate into teacher effectiveness.

Sure, I had some methods courses where I learned how to teach specific subject areas. I also had student teaching over a few short months where I taught alongside an expert educator in their classroom.

But…. I was not ready.


Those methods courses and student teaching experiences accounted for 10% of my education. The other 90% were educational courses that lacked practical application. What’s wrong with that equation?

I compare this unbalanced equation to the idea of:

  • A doctor sitting in hours worth of instruction with only a few minutes of working alongside a real doctor in a real hospital.
  • A sports player sitting in a room watching hours worth of game tapes with only a few minutes of live game experience.

Do you think the Doctor-To-Be is equipped to conduct complicated surgeries in a hospital? No.

Do yo think the Pro Sports Player-To-Be is equipped to perform at high lives in game situations? No

So why do we think that spending 90% of a Teacher-To-Be’s education in a classroom learning content with only 10% of the time putting those ideas into practice will create effective educators of our children?

It’s not an equation that adds up to success and we see that play out each and every day in the classroom.

These teachers aren’t bad people. Nor are they incapable. They just lack the proper training.

I have a solution. I have spent the past 3 years working with new teachers as a trainer and coach. I know what new teachers struggle with and what questions they have. I even know how to support them on their budding educator journey. As a result, I decided to stop complaining about the inadequacies of our teacher training programs and create a better method so that teachers are knowledgeable and equipped to take on their first year, not as a new teacher but as a capable, empowered one.

Give yourself the gift of a promising future as an educator!


Enroll here!

If you are a new or aspiring teacher (or know of one), you don’t want to miss out on this investment. I am ready to catapult you into reaching your potential through my self-paced modules. You will receive note-taking guides, freebies and access to a community of other teachers just like you. The best part is I am there every step of the way helping cultivate your talent. You won’t receive this type of individualized support and practical information in any other program on the market today, including your collegiate atmosphere.

Click here for additional information. I’ll see you in #NTAcademy!



About the author, Gretchen

I am a teacher trainer and coach. Working elbow to elbow with teachers and teacher leaders to ensure instructional proficiency and student achievement soar lights me up. We have a real need in our nation for strong educators to remain in the field. My blog, book, podcast, courses and instructional materials are geared towards empowering teachers (and those that lead them) to receive the support needed to grow and thrive today, tomorrow and always.