321: Artificial Intelligence with Vicki Davis

Join us as we immerse in Vicki Davis’s journey as an educator, author, and host.  With over 20+ years of experience in education, specializing in technology and her vast understanding of artificial intelligence, Vicki has touched the life of many students and educators throughout her career.

Episode 321: Vicki DavisQuotables

*All quotables are from the interviewee

  • “I would never say every single teacher has to embrace technology, but we have to embrace children. We have to embrace the nobility of teaching and we do have to embrace learning.”
  • “All that our kids are going to know is massive change…So we need to educate ourselves about how we can learn.”
  • “You have to relate to educate.”

About Vicki:

Vicki Davis is a classroom teacher, book publisher, mom, author of the Cool Cat Teacher Blog, and host of the 10 Minute Teacher Podcast. With over 20+ years in education, Vicki has received many acknowledgments which include top education influencer awards, and a feature in USA Today. However, the award closest to her heart is being named STAR Teacher at her school and district this past school year. Over the years her blog has grown into a vibrant community of over 6000 posts, and her podcast has been recognized as a top podcast in education. Each post and episode is a fresh chapter in her shared adventure in education and technology. When the school bell rings, you can find Vicki juggling roles as an IT Director, Computer Science and Digital Technology teacher. Her classroom more than just a space; it’s a dynamic, fun learning community that extends beyond school walls, as they share and engage with the world. Vicki’s family includes her husband, three unique children, two of whom learn differently, (she never says the word “disability”), two dogs, and yes – Cheeto! Vicki’s varied educational journeys of her children ignite her drive to inspire every learner, celebrating their individuality. Vicki enjoys celebrating Cool Classrooms, explore Cool Apps and Technology, and share Cool Teaching Tips. When she is not immersed in a film project, assisting teachers, or fending off gnats in my hometown of Camilla, Georgia, she loves to spread her wings. Over the years, Vicki has conducted over 100 workshops, keynotes, and spotlight sessions globally, often with her students in tow!

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