93: What’s Your Truth?

Teachers come in all shapes and sizes in terms of their style and personality. Some are loud and circulate the classroom constantly. Others are quiet and remain at the board to share their knowledge. The most important factor in a classroom is student learning and that is tied to teacher effectiveness. The truth is that teacher effectiveness doesn’t have to be cookie cutter. There are great teachers whose classrooms look and sound completely different. Tune in to hear how you can still be you AND be an effective teacher- even if its not by the current trends.


  • Its so important to look beyond a checklist when looking at teachers and really look at the data of how kids are doing
  • If we know that kids are learning in each room then all we have to do is tweak that teacher’s performance to be of optimal value in a way that fits their style rather than making them fit the box
  • You don’t have to dress all in blue and wear a red hat to be a good teacher
  • You can improve within your own style
  • Your kids will learn best when you are your authentic self

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