314: Incorporating Student Voice

Join us for a transformative episode as Gretchen delves into the strategies for leveraging student engagement through the incorporation of student voice. Discover practical tips and simple techniques that can be implemented right away to enhance classroom dynamics and empower your students.

In this episode, Gretchen shares a compelling story that underscores the importance of student involvement in the learning process. Learn how to amplify student voices effectively and create an inclusive classroom environment where every student feels heard and valued.

As highlighted in this discussion, Gretchen’s latest book, Always a Lesson: Teacher Essentials for Classroom and Career Success, is now available on Amazon. Dive into this invaluable resource for a wealth of additional insights on increasing student engagement and fostering academic success!

Don’t miss out on this enlightening episode that promises to revolutionize your teaching approach and inspire meaningful connections with your students. Tune in now and embark on a journey towards greater student empowerment!


  • If we don’t nail engagement, then we’ve really let students down…we’ve really minimized their future success because we’re limiting the amount of knowledge and skills they can acquire.
  • Student voice is gonna look different for each of your students, depending on what their needs are.
  • There were so many tiny ways throughout the day that students could exercise their voices.

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