313: Differentiation & Personalization

Dive into an enlightening conversation with Gretchen as she unveils the keys to effective differentiation and personalized learning for optimal student engagement. Learn how to refine your teaching methods by eliminating inefficiencies and prioritizing strategies that deeply connect with your students. Tune in now to unlock powerful insights and transform your approach to teaching!

In this episode, Gretchen unveils the concept of “Swiss Cheese Understanding” and its profound implications for educational planning. Tune in to gain valuable insights that will revolutionize the way you structure your teaching methods!

Don’t miss out on this transformative episode that promises to enhance your teaching toolkit and empower your students. Tune in now and embark on a journey towards more effective and impactful teaching strategies!


  • Every level of what I’m gonna call “The House of Learning” is build with the support necessary so that new learning above it can actually stick.
  • It’s not that kids can’t understand on their grade level. They need to work with the material long enough to make sense of it.
  • …the point is…they understand where they’re going and why they need to have these skills…”

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About the author, Gretchen

I am a teacher trainer and coach. Working elbow to elbow with teachers and teacher leaders to ensure instructional proficiency and student achievement soar lights me up. We have a real need in our nation for strong educators to remain in the field. My blog, book, podcast, courses and instructional materials are geared towards empowering teachers (and those that lead them) to receive the support needed to grow and thrive today, tomorrow and always.