24: Grades Don’t Show the Details

Our educational system is focused on achievement in terms of numbers instead of behavioral patterns and choices. Grades do not tell the whole story though and rarely help a student grow and develop strong academic habits. We need to see below the surface and look for patterns in students’ learning to guide them in gaining strength and skills to fill gaps, correct misconceptions and develop new and better habits. Listen in to see how grades don’t show the details and what we need to do as educators to help our students truly be successful in and outside the classroom


  • We need to get out of the habit of doing something out of tradition when its no longer effective
  • How well do they swim without floaties?
  • Look at patterns, behaviors, choices, strategies, and create opportunities to showcase repetitive behaviors or uncover inconsistencies
  • Grades don’t transform classrooms, teachers or students
  • Student success should not come down to a number it should come down to the learning experience and journey of growth
  • Students are more than a number and a score. They are learning to rely on their acquired knowledge and skill set to operate in the big world out there


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