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Posts by Gretchen Schultek Bridgers

How Great Teacher Leaders Listen

One of the most underused superpowers for leaders is the act of listening. Focusing on instruction and pedagogy are a great foundation for successfully leading teachers. However, the simple response of listening while leading can immensely impact student achievement and teacher proficiency in the classroom. Let’s dig into what it is (and isn’t), why it…

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Coach Focus: How to Help Teachers Engage Students

Teacher leaders can help classroom teachers engage students in authentic, meaningful ways. As a matter of fact, student interaction is not the same as student engagement. A compliant class that interacts with each other and the content of the lesson translates to limited engagement and a low rate of learning. But, when teacher leaders provide…

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What is a Mastermind?

There’s a very popular practice in the business world where movers and shakers get together to brainstorm new ideas and support each other in reaching new levels in their business. When many brilliant minds come together they create one MASTER mind. This think tank allows everyone to learn from each other’s experiences while gaining ideas,…

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Coach Focus: How to Help Teachers Design Lessons

If you are leading teachers in any capacity, you will want to help them design lessons that are accurate, aligned, and impactful. Accuracy refers to teachers being able to deliver correct information to students in a lesson. They are able to take complex information and break it down into easy-to-understand snippets without losing any accuracy…

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3 Tips to Maximize Student Engagement

Student interaction is just the beginning of student engagement. If we want students to truly be successful in the classroom, we cannot let it end there. What’s the Difference? Interaction means students are responding in a limited form to each other and yourself as the instructional leader of the classroom. Engagement means students are authentically…

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