99: Throw the Right Pebble

Good teachers know there is always room for improvement in their practice. But, choosing the right areas to improve can be more difficult than expected. Tune in to hear how to make small tweaks with a large impact in your classroom and beyond!


  • Its unrealistic for me to expect myself to change so many things about my instructional practice and still remain effective
  • It has to be the RIGHT pebble
  • Catapult student learning in one easy tweak
  • Simplicity is best
  • We need to work smarter

Techniques Mentioned

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I am an educator of almost a decade, passionate about cultivating talent in aspiring and new teachers through practical tips and strategies. My blog, book, and podcast are geared towards empowering teachers to enter the profession and stay there due to the advice and encouragement I provide. We have a real need in our nation for strong leaders in classrooms, and I believe its my calling and duty to coach teachers to achieve and maintain best teaching practices in order to drive the growth and success of our students in and outside the classroom.