58: Don’t Let FOMO Steal Your Magic

Fear of Missing out (FOMO) can rob you of reaching your potential. Educators want to be great, but when they let FOMO be the reason they make a decision, their kids suffer. Social media, conferences and the latest technology are some examples of areas where teachers rush about like moths to a flame. Tune in to hear how to still be part of what’s hot, but not lose sight of your purpose in the classroom.


  • Stop chasing fads instead of rooting yourself in student achievement
  • Prioritize where you put your time- does this really impact student learning?
  • Your potential is determined by how you let it grow
  • You’ll never be a top notch educator with FOMO as your commander in chief
  • Forget the new shiny objects that swirl around you and stay grounded in what has the biggest impact on kids
  • Your kids are watching- we are shaping the future and if they look to you as a model and see superficial motivations and outcomes, they’re doomed to repeat it

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