Webinar Release: Twitter Chats


It’s no secret that professional development can be found online when connecting with other educators, especially on a platform like Twitter through a weekly scheduled Twitter Chat. I have gained numerous connections and instructional best practices by engaging with like minded professionals online.

I don’t want you to miss out on this career-changing opportunity so click on the photo below to gain access to the webinar:


Twitter Chat Webinar Cover Image

  • Twitter Overview
  • How to Tweet
  • How to Tweet in a Twitter Chat
  • How to Follow a Twitter Chat Discussion via TweetDeck
  • How to Plan and Prepare for a Twitter Chat
  • How to Moderate a Twitter Chat
  • Twitter Resources


I hope you find these webinars helpful. But more importantly, I hope you take advantage of this social media platform to meet some amazing educators and get tips/tricks that will transform your teaching better than any sit/get PD ever could. #empowered


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About the author, Gretchen

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