Instructional Coaching Resources Bundle




Help teachers increase their effectiveness in the classroom through instructional coaching. This resource provides all of the necessary documentation and resources to implement a successful instructional partnership for teachers and students.


  • Coaching Cycle Visual
  • Staff Survey
  • Goal Setting Meeting
  • Classroom Observation Notes
  • Pre-Observation Notes
  • Observation Debrief Discussion Format
  • Coach Feedback Survey
  • Teacher Data Collection Tool
  • Teacher Evaluation Rubric
  • Coach Performance Rubric
  • Coach Duties Pie Chart
  • Debrief Planning Guide
  • Teacher Progress Report
  • Teacher Self-Reflection Question Prompts
  • Mentor-Mentee Discussion Dice
  • Teacher Video Reflection Question Prompts
  • Coaching Feedback Slips
  • Lesson Planning Visuals
  • Lesson Plan Outline
  • Lesson Plan Checklist
  • Backwards Planning Guide
  • Ways to Build Relationships
  • Professional Development Plan
  • Appointment Cards
  • Teacher Support Roster
  • Menu of Support
  • Teacher/Coach Role Descriptors
  • Teachers’ Level of Support
  • PD Session Feedback Survey
  • Model Lesson Observation Form


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