Webinar Release: Leading Effective and Engaging PD Sessions

PD Webinar cover image

Professional development [PD] is necessary in order to ensure educators are up-to-date on best instructional practices. However, the term ‘professional development’ has taken on a negative connotation over the years as it generally refers to lengthy sit and get sessions that bring little value to a classroom. These PD sessions when given by an “expert” tend to be hard to visualize how it applies to current students or classroom atmospheres.

In order to ensure that the necessity of a PD session remains a priority is to ensure it is applicable immediately in the classroom. I designed this webinar to help educational leaders provide PD that makes staff RUN TO not from the meeting location.

What’s inside this 50 minute jam packed value webinar?

  • Why the current form of PD doesn’t work
  • Planning Strategies and Tips
  • Preparation and Execution Support
  • Free Planning Guide

Just click the image above to gain access to this transformative webinar.


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About the author, Gretchen

I am an educator of almost a decade, passionate about cultivating talent in aspiring and new teachers through practical tips and strategies. My blog, book, and podcast are geared towards empowering teachers to enter the profession and stay there due to the advice and encouragement I provide. We have a real need in our nation for strong leaders in classrooms, and I believe its my calling and duty to coach teachers to achieve and maintain best teaching practices in order to drive the growth and success of our students in and outside the classroom.