68: Parenting that Empowers

IMG_5257 Instead of dreading parent contact and interaction, embrace the challenge. It will step up your game to let parents in so they can become an empowering force for their child’s success in your classroom. Tune in to hear the 4 steps you can follow right this moment to turn things around.




  • Parent anger is often due to misinformation
  • My most difficult parents became my allies because I was able to shed light on what was actually going on, share my training and best practices, include them in decision making and allow them to feel heard.
  • That resistance didn’t deter me from accomplishing my mission as a teacher, but it did make me aware of how parents felt helpless and frustrated and their kids were picking up on that
    Instead of being frustrated and hating on parents, embrace the experience
  • Share your policy, not your perspective
  • Parent relationships are so powerful when you leverage them correctly

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