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"I am an educator of a decade, passionate about cultivating talent in aspiring and new teachers through practical tips and strategies. My blog, book, and podcast are geared towards empowering teachers to enter the profession and stay there due to the advice and encouragement I provide. We have a real need in our nation for strong leaders in classrooms, and I believe its my calling and duty to coach teachers to achieve and maintain best teaching practices in order to drive the growth and success of our students in and outside the classroom."


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176: When High Expectations Debilitate You


Having high expectations isn’t a bad thing, until they no longer are achievable and as a result, debilitate you. Tune in to hear my story of how I dealt with the reality of not being able to live the life I once had and adjusted my mindset and action steps to reach new heights in…

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175: Bonus Edition- Interview with Amber Harper


Amber Harper is a Google Certified Educator, Trainer, and Innovator, as well as a Seesaw Ambassador. She is also the founder of www.burnedinteacher.com and creator of Burned-In EdTech Consulting and Teacher Coaching where she has joint her two loves in her career: her love of edtech and innovation in the classroom with her obsession for…

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3 Tips for Effective Parent-Teacher Conferences


The use of parent-teacher conferences is a great communication tool for educators and guardians to unite as a team for a child’s best interest. The intent of the parent-teacher conference is for the teacher to share with the legal guardian what is occurring on a student’s daily learning journey. This might include talking in depth…

Fire Your Mentor, Hire Your Idol


One of my biggest struggles in my early years of teaching was the lack of help and direction from experts in the field (veteran teachers, administrators, etc.). I attended all necessary training for new teachers, followed all protocol, and even asked questions whenever I could to whomever would listen. But, I still had major growing…

Make Room for Student Growth in 7 Easy Steps


As first semester in our classrooms are coming to a close, it is important to REFLECT on where students began and where they hope to go. Much of that reflection is based in academic benchmarks to ensure students meet the requirements for their grade level, but the most important work we can do as educators…

How Burn Out Saved my Educator Spirit


A unique opportunity presented itself to partner with Amber from Burned-In Teacher to share my personal story on her podcast about burn out as a classroom teacher. It is not one I talk about often as I focus on the blessings that came from those moments, but walking down memory lane to help teachers stuck in that…