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Featured Interviews of Gretchen from Always A Lesson

Take a listen to where I have been interviewed by other podcasters for their episodes:

  1. The Victorious Writer Daily Prompt-Cast: Mini interview conducted by Jason Zinzilieta discussing my journey as a writer from blogger to published author.
  2. The Victorious Writer Daily Prompt-Cast: Lengthier interview conducted byJason Zinzilieta discussing my journey as a writer from blogger to published author.
  3. Crash the Writer’s Block: Interview conducted by Britney Mills discussing my journey as a writer from brainstorming the concept to finally publishing and marketing my first book.
  4. The Dr. Will Show: Video interview via Google Hangouts on Air discussing my journey from classroom teacher to blogger to podcaster! Dr. Will asked some great questions. Listen to find out what I had to say!
  5. The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast: Interview conducted by Jennifer Gonzalez discussing the role of an instructional coach. I share my journey from classroom teacher to new teacher coach.
  6. Mindfulness Mode Podcast: Interview conducted by Bruce Langford on boosting your focus, getting calmer. You may want to find how ‘listen, pause & respond’ can change your life!
  7. Inspiration for Teachers Podcast: Interview conducted by Kelly Long discussing building relationships with students and how to get students to learn through autonomy
  8. Teacher Cast: Interview conducted by Jeffrey Bradbury on what you should try to avoid while podcasting.
  9. Teaching Experience Podcast: Interview conducted by John Hodsdon discussing my journey as an educator.
  10. Hacking Engagement Podcast: Interview conducted by James Sturtevant discussing engagement in a 50 min period class.
  11. Planning Period Podcast: Interview conducted by Brad Shreffler discussing support (how there isn’t enough and the ways in which it could get better), advice for how to support fellow teachers, and how to coach teachers .
  12. TpT Talk: Interview conducted by Rachel Davis discussing my journey as an instructional material creator on Teachers Pay Teachers and other edu-preneur stories.
  13. VoicEd Radio: Interview conducted on live Canada airwaves on the show “In Conversation with Steven Hurley” chatting about all things education.
  14. StoriesinEDU: Video podcast focused on sharing educator’s experiences (or “stories”) in the field of education conducted by my edu-buddies (and elite educators) Josh Gauthier and Mandy Taylor. I shared my aha’s, tips and lots of encouragement.
  15. Teachers Need Teachers: Interview conducted by Kim Lepre about my top Back-to-School tips for elementary school teachers.
  16. Buzzing with Ms. B: The Coaching Podcast: Interview conducted by Chrissy Beltran about building practice into coaching support models.
  17. 6 Figure Teacher Podcast – Interview conducted by Tiffany Wallace about how to best lead yourself and others to grow the business you desire
  18. Out of the Trenches Podcast: Interview conducted by Dana Goodier sharing my story about teaching and coaching in the trenches and creating the career you desire so you can thrive.
  19. SLP Coffee Chat: Interview conducted by Hallie Sherman sharing my general education teacher view on how SLPs and other special service providers in the school can support our students
  20. Breakthrough to Excellence Podcast: Interview conducted by Jasmin Haley entitled “Coaching Teacher Leaders to Make an Impact on Future Generations.” Topics covered include boundaries, calculated risks, pivoting, sustainable business, customer avatar and more!
  21. Classroom to CEO Podcast: Interview with Erica Terry about my journey from being a classroom teacher to turning that into a full-time business supporting educators around the world.
  22. Coaching the Whole Educator: Interview with Becca Silver about pushing through resistance and holding each other accountable to achieving growth and excellence
  23. The Simply Instructional Coaching Podcast: Interview with Nicole Tuner about growing together through collaboration and support
  24. Live with Crabtree Coaching: Interview with Alissa Crabtree about coaching, empowering educators, leaving a legacy, building trust and so much more!
  25. C3- Connecting, Coaching, Cognition: Interview with Courtney Groskin and Violet Christensen about building strong collaborative relationships, effective coaching conversations, 4 Ways to Grow Instructional Capacity and measuring your impact as a coach
  26. Coach’s Corner: Listen in as I pull back the curtain and share my life as an instructional coach:

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