Empowering Educators to Reach their Potential

Keynote speaking is one way I can serve and support educators around the nation. My messages are empowering, practical, and based on my work in the trenches as a teacher and teacher leader.

I Believe…

  • Every educator can transform into greatness
  • An open mind allows for talent to cultivate
  • It is never too late to achieve your potential
  • Personalized coaching is the vehicle to long lasting change
  • Learning allows potential to come to fruition

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What Others Are Saying:

  • So many great ideas and love the roadmap to build a leadership legacy - Thank you Gretchen!!
  • Loved this! I'm starting my 33rd year in education, and I needed this motivation.  Thank you!
  • Thank you, Gretchen. Awesome presentation! Empowering!
  • This was so inspiring. I took so many notes and pics of my screen!  AMAZING! So excited to start my Legacy, thanks Gretchen!
  • Gretchen's Mastermind is life changing!
  • Thank you for the legacy that you left today!
  • I will be rewatching this! There was so much information! Thank you!
  • Who doesn't want strategies that they can take back and share with their teachers? Great session and tools for the toolbox.
  • Great sessions and resources to develop your game plan to empower our teacher leaders- no sitting ducks in our pond!!!
  • Thank you for a great keynote! Transformative coaching is helping teachers become a bigger, better version of themselves vs. becoming ME.
  • Thank you so much for this inspiration!!
  • Thank you, Gretchen!! Relit my fire!
  • I am so energized to start this year!!
  • I feel as if I have been to a revival!!
  • Thank you! I really enjoyed this!
  • Fantastic!!! Thanks so much. You are awesome!!!

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